Re: Outlook and ViEmu

I just installed ViEmu to try it out.

I've been using vim for years and am hopeful that this may be a solution for me.

ViEmu seems to work as expected in Word 2003.

However, it doesn't seem to be active in Outlook 2003 SP2.

Is there some configuration I have to do in Outlook to get ViEmu to start working?



Re: Outlook and ViEmu

Hi Brian,

The main thing to check is that Outlook is configured to use Word as the mail editor - ViEmu won't work if not. You can find this setting in Tools|Options|Mail Format - the checkbox saying "Use Microsoft Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages" should be checked.

If it's checked, and it still doesn't work, there can be other things to check. Let me know and we can investigate further. Outlook 2003 is what I use too, so it should be some missing detail. If it didn't work in stand-alone Word it could be a security problem, but it doesn't seem to be that.




Re: Outlook and ViEmu

Thanks. That was the problem.
I configured Outlook to use Word as the mail editor, and now ViEmu seems to be working.

It will take me a while to get used to not having my customizations.
It's too bad ViEmu doesn't read my _vimrc file, or my plugins.
I already miss hlsearch, softtabstop, expandtab, and many other favorite options.

However, it is sure way better than the normal MS editing model.

Thanks for doing this product.


Re: Outlook and ViEmu

Hi Brian,

Unfortunately, none of the settings you mention above work with ViEmu/Word&Outlook.  'hlsearch' is all but impossible to implement under the Word model (they don't allow transient markers, if you insert markers, that changes the document) - also, tabs and the Word document model don't get on too well. ViEmu does provide hlsearch and some tab configurability under Visual Studio and SQL Server, but there is no way to provide the functionality in the Word/Outlook host.

ViEmu/Word&Outlook actually does read a _viemuwrc file, which should be in your home folder (typically, "C:\Documents and Settings\{username}"), and you can have :set and :*map commands there as supported by ViEmu (have a look at the documentation for details, you can reach it from the ViEmu Settings dialog).

In any case, I'm glad you are enjoying the vi editing model as provided by ViEmu, and let me know if you stumble into some other shortcoming.

Best regards,