Re: shifted chars -- very odd.


This is the second time I've encountered this -- the first time I thought I was hallucinating, but this time, I think it is real...

The shifted characters (i.e., <Shift> 2 = @) somehow get remapped to other chars:

S1 = '!' (correct)
S2 = '"' (that's a double quote -- should be '@')
S3 = '#' (correct)
S6 = '&' (should be '^')
S7 = '/'
S8 = '('
S9 = ')'
S0 = '='
S- = '?'
S= = 'inverted !'
[ = `
] = '+'
\ = '}'
S[ = umlaut
S] = '*'


Quiting and restarting clears it, but what happened?

I believe that I had just used the VS help and then it happened.  I'm not sure what I had done the first time...

Bug?  Odd.  Very Odd.


Re: shifted chars -- very odd.

Do you have more than one keyboard layout installed?  If you do, by default, Alt-Shift switches between keyboard layouts - it's a Windows thing. It's easy to hit that accidentally and be shocked at the result. It's the most likely thing, but let me know if that's not the case.

I have several keyboard layouts installed and I have turned off the hotkey - on my machine, by right clicking on the language indicator in the task bar and going to "Settings". Probably you can also do it from the control panel -> keyboard.


Re: shifted chars -- very odd.


I had no idea...  Pressing the ALT-SHIFT key toggles between the hallucination and boring reality...


One down.  Of course, now I can't get the :bn problem to happen, but I'll keep trying....


Re: shifted chars -- very odd.

You're welcome. Let me know if you stumble into the :bn problem again. May have something to do with having just created a new file using File->New? :ls should show some interesting info.