Re: requests

1) There is a plug in (whose name I forgot), but when searching for a string will display
First of N , 2 of N, etc, Last of N   where, obviously N is the number of actual matches. 

I have gotten very used to having that, and find my life an empty void without it...

2) I would like the :registers command to work, so I can see what I have yanked and still have available.

3) This one is irritating by its absence and also by its presence.  Apparently, the absence is more problematic:  when adding lines to a comment block, the comment character is not automatically inserted.  It always irritated me when vim did it, but now I find that I miss it...
Obviously a low priority request.

4). expandtab.


Re: requests

Hi Kilgore,

I'll take note of these for implementation in one of the next builds. I'm finishing a new product called Codekana, expected to be released next week or so, and I want to finish it before getting back to improving ViEmu.

Some thoughts and notes that come up:

1) Showing "First of N", etc... requires searching the complete file. This might cause some slow down. Possibly the best solution would be to do it in a separate thread and provide the info only when the full scan finishes. I'll think up some way to implement it. BTW, it would be good to know which plug-in provides the feature, in case you remember it, as I like to keep an eye on what stuff is available out there.

2) Got it.

3) I never liked that feature of vim, but providing a user
setting to turn it on/off would be nice.

4) I'm not sure whether I understand the functionality of 'expandtab', but in any case, ViEmu reads & uses VS's settings as to what to do with tabs. You can go to Tools|Options|Text Editor, choose the desired language, and adjust the settings to your heart's content. Maybe a bridge so that :set [no]expandtab changes the VS setting would be nice (similar to what :set [no]list already does), let me know what you think.


Re: requests

1). The plug in is "IndexedSearch" and I'm sure that I got it off of the vim.org website.
2) Thanks.
3). I am ambivalent about it too...
4). Apparently a non-issue now smile.

Also, the other issue I meant to mention:  The buffer list issue that some else had posted.  That is the buffer list syncing with the open editor windows.  Even when I close a buffer via :bd, the next :bn steps through *all* of them.  Now _That_ is irritating.

Lest you think I'm just whinin' n' bitchin' -- I love this product.  It has saved my sanity.
(Now, if only I could get the other window colors to change...)


Re: requests

Ah ok, you meant a vim plug-in smile I thought you meant a VS plug-in, I'm usually more interested in other VS plug-ins. I use a run-of-the-mill vim installation myself (and I usually use the early builds of my text editor, kodumi, rather than vim, even if it's still less functional, as eating your own dogfood is so good for quality product development).

I take not of the :bn/:bd issue, several other people have reported it too.

And thanks for the praises! What do you mean changing the other window colors? Codekana does quite a few things in terms of coloring, but this is for the text editor window only.

I will be posting a notice here in a few days with a link to download the first public beta of Codekana, and also on my blog, in case you or someone else is interested in giving it a try.