Re: Incremental search problem?

Hi again,

I have a line in my source file containing the work "Breakout".

If I do an incremental search using "/BREAK", it is not found, however it is found when doing "/break".

Case sensitive searching is turned off in the ViEmu options.

Bug or just me being stupid?



Re: Incremental search problem?

Johan, most probably smartcase is on. It means: case insensitive by default, case sensitive as soon as an uppercase character is found in the input. You can turn it off either in Tools|Options|ViEmu, or using :set nosmartcase.

By the way, the smartcase setting is only honored when ignorecase is on (as in vim).


Re: Incremental search problem?

Cool thanks I will try that.

BTW - congratulations on your cheat sheet getting on digg! smile



Re: Incremental search problem?

Thanks, it has actually brought in a lot of traffic to the site. It also made it to reddit's and del.icio.us' front page. Hopefully it'll make ViEmu easier to find.


Re: Incremental search problem?

Now I see, it's gotten to the front page *again* after one month!