Re: yank request


It appears that the default register is not preserved between files.  One thing that I do frequently is to yank a line or selection from from file, and paste it in another.  (For example, to put function prototypes in a header file -- yank from source, paste in header).

In order to do this, I always have to yank to a named register (e.g., "aY).  which is not a serious hardship, but it IS two extra keystrokes smile.

If you could implement this in the next version, it would make me happy (for a few moments, until I find something else to whine about).

- kilgore.


Re: yank request

Hi kilgore,

This is weird - I guess you're talking about ViEmu/VS? What VS version? Also, do you have the setting "Default to Windows clipboard" enabled? That may make a difference.

In principle, the default register should survive buffer switches. I definitely yank & paste across buffers myself!


  - Jon


Re: yank request

again -- pilot error.  Enabling 'Default to Windows clipboard' fixed this. 


BTW: VS v8.0


Re: yank request

Thanks for the feedback, it's an actual bug as it should survive even if you don't use the window clipboard by default. I'll check it!