Re: Any chance of VI support with Lotus Notes?

I'm not an outlook user so this product is not worth my money.  If I were an outlook user it would be.  Any chance of product/add-on/plugin for lotus notes?



Re: Any chance of VI support with Lotus Notes?

Hello Azeiku,

Unfortunately, there are no plans for a Lotus Notes version of ViEmu. Implementing ViEmu under a new platform is a huge effort: the emulation core is host-independent, retargetable code, but writing the "glue" to host it can be very complex, as most environments are not prepared for the level of interception ViEmu requires. Thus, it would probably not make much business to work on it. I'm not fully informed about this, but I also think Lotus Notes is on a downwards usage curve? (Correct me if I'm wrong).

One day, there will be a standard model for input in all contexts, and having any kind of input system everywhere will be simple. One day, computing will be sane smile

Thanks for your interest and best regards,

  - Jon


Re: Any chance of VI support with Lotus Notes?


Thanks for your response.  I was curious about Lotus Notes, too.  I don't know what its usage curve is like, but as a contractor for IBM, I can tell you that IBM uses it everywhere.  If ViEmu ran on Lotus Notes, I'd buy it.  On the other hand, I can understand that it'd be a big effort.  Frankly, though, I'd be reasonably happy with even a stripped-down vi emulation, nevermind full Vim mode.  (As proof of this, I've been using a home-grown vi mode for the editor in Lispworks for a week or so with all of 72 commands implemented.)

I suppose I could probably write some vi-ish commands for Notes, but I really have no interest in programming Notes for any other reason and would rather pay someone else to do it.  Oh well.  smile

-- Larry Clapp


Re: Any chance of VI support with Lotus Notes?

Larry, thanks a lot for the detailed background info. I'll note it for the future and post here (and drop you a line) if I decide to do something. As you say, the effort would be so big that it's quite unlikely with the current framework, but who knows.


  - Jon