Re: 1.4.5-alpha-9 ready

[ UPDATE: This version is superseded by the final 1.4.5, see http://forums.ngedit.com/viewtopic.php?id=40 ] [June 7]

I have just uploaded 1.4.5 alpha 9. It should now ensure that *all* operations restore the cursor position when undone/redone (alpha-8 left a few ones out, such as pasting!).

I've also fixed the annoying loss of the block-cursor in certain cases (pressing Alt to bring up the menus and then going back with Esc, clicking on the tab of the current file in the tab bar, etc...). Please let me know whether there are still cases where the block cursor is lost.


It's necessary to manually uninstall the existing version of ViEmu before installing this one (unless it was 1.4.3 or older).

Hopefully the final 1.4.5 will be released later this week.