Re: ViEmu installation problem with VS2008


I've been setting up my new work machine, and was trying to set up ViEmu after having installed VS2005 and VS2008 on a Vista installation. The installer reports an error (which comes from VS, actually) saying that "This operation requires privelege elevation", even though I did grant admin rights when prompted. This seems to happen when registering ViEmu with VS.

To work around this, I opened an admin console and ran the installer from there so that it'd start off the bat with admin rights. That fixed it.

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Re: ViEmu installation problem with VS2008

Thanks for the tip, I hadn't responded to you before. The most likely reason is that the ViEmu installer has to run "devenv /setup" to re-scan all commands, pacakages and toolbars at the end of the install/uninstall process, and that is possibly causing trouble. I'm glad you found a way around the problem.

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