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Before ViEmu, I had vim set up as a VS2005 "external tool" and sometimes used to copy code to vim to figure out matching parentheses.

I understand that vim uses a plugin to highlight matching parentheses ... is anything like this possible with ViEmu?  (I know about "%", it's the highlighting I'm after).

Apologies if this has been posted before.


Re: Highlighting matching parens

Hi Ben,

VS has built-in matching parentheses highlighting after you type the closing delimiter character. I guess that's not what you want.

My other product, Codekana, has a lot of features built on top of quite sophisticated parsing and highlighting/coloring of relevant elements:


It still doesn't highlight the delimiter matching the one under/next to the cursor.

If none of this fits what you want, would you mind explaining into more detail? I think it'd certainly make sense as a Codekana feature. Not in ViEmu, unless simple lexical scanning would be enough - Codekana employs pretty complex incremental parsing technology which could get very good results for this.


  - Jon


Re: Highlighting matching parens


Thanks for the prompt response.  You know, highlighting matching parentheses is no big deal ... it's just one of the Vim 7.1 features that I've got used to.

Since my original post, I've discovered the VS command Edit.GotoBrace, which is similar to (identical to?) ViEmu's "%", but I haven't found out the "matching parentheses highlighting after you type the closing delimiter character" that you refer to.

The vim "matchparen" plugin doesn't move the cursor at all, instead it highlights the matching character.  It doesn't do any clever parsing / interpretation, but still manages to be rather useful.

I'm developing in Javascript, so unfortunately Codekana won't help me much.


Re: Highlighting matching parens

Hmmm ... I just installed the trial version of Codekana and can see that it *does* understand Javascript.  Wow.


Re: Highlighting matching parens

At least the part which is common with C. More support coming in future versions!