Re: New ViEmu-specific blog

A few weeks ago I set up a ViEmu-specific blog just for new version announcements and generally anything related to ViEmu. It's still not styled according to the rest of the site, but it should prove a useful resource already. Here is the link:


I'll keep using http://blog.ngedit.com for more general development and business themes. The reasoning is that if you are (or are considering becoming) a ViEmu user, or you are very interested for some reason in ViEmu-specific, it'll be useful to you to subscribe to the ViEmu blog.

I'll link it on the site's top navigation bar as soon as I style it according to the rest of the site. I'll also notify current users with the next email I send out, most probably after I release the next official upgrade to one of the ViEmus.