Re: Comments formatting


I have one feature suggestion. Vim supports comments formatting (see 'format-comments' in vim help). It simply inserts a comment on a new line when you are in a comment block (for example /** ... */). I know that this feature should be supported rather in Visual Studio than in ViEmu. But, unfortunately, Visual Studio doesn't allow it. Or does it?



Re: Comments formatting


Useful suggestion. As described in answer to your other post, all language-specific behavior in VS is done via the 'language service', which is totally opaque to the outside and designed only for a few very rigid tasks. I can't ask the language service how to insert a comment, for example, so I'd need to implement ViEmu's own "language service" metaphor. Doable, but not simple by any means. In any case, I will take note of it and hopefully implement it at some later version.

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