Re: Status line colors?


I was hunting around for an option that would let me change the color of the status line text, specifically the current mode (-- INSERT --, specifically). Is this possible? I looked through all the options in the Fonts and Colors dialog and didn't notice anything.



Re: Status line colors?

Hi Kirkus,

This is currently impossible. I will have a look at it and let you know whether VS provides some simple interface to do so, it would be a cool thing to add to ViEmu (I'm assuming you're talking about ViEmu/VS).

Best regards,



Re: Status line colors?

Oops, yep, I mean ViEmu/VS.

Thanks for checking into it.

- Kirk


Re: Status line colors?

I've checked it and it's not difficult to configure the fg/bg color for the whole status bar message (it's not possible for parts of it). What type of behavior are you after exactly? I guess it should be user-configurable, but I'd like to know what you'd be looking for...


Re: Status line colors?

I want to make the "-- INSERT --" text red, while keeping "-- NORMAL --" black.


Re: Status line colors?

Ok, let me try to think of something. As it's often the case with these poorly-designed interfaces, if I set a color I need to set both the foreground and background colors. Obtaining the right background color in order to use it will probably prove more difficult than anything else.

One other thing is that I'd like to have some kind of simple user-configurable user interface to this. Just doing it for INSERT would be easiest, but not very powerful or flexible.

I'll drop you a line about it as soon as I have some news.