Re: ViEmo for Excel

Hi there!

Is it possible to use ViEmu with Excel?
Is it planned to use it?
It would be great if I could navigate through the rows with vi commands and edit them with 'i'.
Switching between the tabs could be done like switching between several open files on a split screen ...


Re: ViEmo for Excel

Hi Delu! That is a great idea, actually, you're not the first person to suggest it. I also use Excel a lot and miss vi keypresses too - I often press Esc to end editing a cell and lose its contents, bummer!

Anyway, I don't plan to work on that. Hooking into another app is a huge effort, and I'd have to really design how a spreadsheet with a vi interface would work. But if anyone does it, I'll be sure to check it out.

Thanks and best regards,