Re: VS for latex editor

Is it possible to use VS with ViEmu as latex editor?

I want features such as autoindent, syntax highlighting, etc,

as vim does for .tex file.


Re: VS for latex editor


ViEmu doesn't provide its own autoindent, synhl, etc... it uses those provided by the installed language service - language services for C/C++/C#/VB/JS/XML/HTML/... are installed by default with Visual Studio, and 3rd party vendors provide language services for other languages (PHP, Haskell, ...). There are a few free language services too: IronRuby, Haskell, etc... I've never heard about a TEX/Latex language service, but you might have luck googling for it?

Implementing this kind of functionality is pretty hard and not really in the short- to mid-term scope for ViEmu. I have thought about something like that for Codekana, bypassing VS's built-in mechanims, but it would be a mid- to long-term thing in any case.