Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

using vs2008, mostly everything works.. except whenever i hit the enter key, it inserts a newline!

even if i do /foo followed by hitting the enter key, it does the incremental search, and then it just inserts a newline!

any ideas? I'm running ViEmu 2.1.20 on XP w/ Visual Studio 2008 9.0.21022.8 RTM


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Hi Nirva, do you have any other 3rd party add-in installed? That may be having a role in causing the problem. Can you go to Help|About, click 'Copy', and paste the results here? It will be the best way to get all the info.

Also, please let me know what language you are using, it may make a difference too.

I've tested it in several systems and it's most definitely not a general issue with VS2008.

Happy new year!!

  - Jon


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

nope, nothing 3rd party. using c#

i do have vs2005 installed on the same machine.. vs2005 did not exhibit this issue

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Version 9.0.21022.8 RTM
Microsoft .NET Framework
Version 3.5

Installed Edition: Professional

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008   91605-270-6023181-60067
Microsoft Visual Basic 2008

Microsoft Visual C# 2008   91605-270-6023181-60067
Microsoft Visual C# 2008

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008   91605-270-6023181-60067
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Office   91605-270-6023181-60067
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Office

Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008   91605-270-6023181-60067
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008

NGEDIT Software's ViEmu   v2.1.20
ViEmu 2.1 - vi/vim editor emulation for Microsoft(TM) Visual Studio(TM)
(c) 2005-2006 NGEDIT Software (www.ngedit.com)

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Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Can you let me know what keys the Edit.BreakLine command is assigned to? You can check this in Tools|Options|Environment|Keyboard, type "Edit.Breakline" above, and the combo box labeled "Shortcuts for selected command" will contain all of them.

I'll try again with a clean VS2k8 install tomorrow and let you know.




Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Enter (Report Designer)
Enter (Windows Forms Designer)


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Hi Nirva, I haven't been able to reproduce the problem so far. There's one thing that might be worth trying: to actually add the mapping or 'Enter' to Edit.BreakLine. This can't be done directly (the shortcut editbox won't recognize pressing 'Enter'), but you can switch the complete mapping scheme or reset the current one. Can you let me know whether any of that fixes it?



Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Hello Nirva,

The more I think about this, the more I believe it must be because of wrong VS keybindings assignment. Did you have ViEmu installed when you installed VS2008? That may be the cause. Can you go to Tools|Options|ViEmu->Keyboard, copy the contents of both lists ('Saved keybindings' and 'Current clashing keybindings') and paste them here?

If I am right, these would be the steps to fix the problem:

1) Go to Tools|'Import and export settings', choose 'Reset all settings', decide whether to save a backup or not, choose your preferred base config (Visual C++, General, etc...) and click Finish to reset all settings

Also if I am right, Enter should now work normally. The only remaining thing to fix now would be to process clashing keybindings such as Ctrl-F, so that they it does a page down instead of bringing up the Find dialog. These would be the steps to fix this:

2) Go to Tools|Options|ViEmu and click 'Keyboard...'.

3) Click "Forget" under the left-hand-side list. Answer yes to the confirmation dialog.

Now, the left-hand-side list should be empty, and all keybindings should be active on the right hand side. Final step:

4) Click "Save and remove" under the right-hand-side list (answer yes to the confirmation).

This should leave the right-hand-side list empty, having removed the offending keybindings, and all of them should be on the left-hand-side list (removed, but remembered by ViEmu to be restored when ViEmu is deactivated).

Let me know whether this fixes the issue.


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

in the saved:

Edit.Redo=Text Editor::Ctrl+U
Edit.GoToNextLocation=Global::F8||Text Editor::Ctrl+N
Edit.SelectCurrentWord=Text Editor::Ctrl+W
Edit.BriefWindowScrollUp=Text Editor::Ctrl+D
Edit.BriefWindowScrollDown=Text Editor::Ctrl+E
Edit.BriefSetRepeatCount=Text Editor::Ctrl+R
Edit.BriefWindowScrollToBottom=Text Editor::Ctrl+B
Edit.BriefWindowScrollToTop=Text Editor::Ctrl+T
Test.TestResults.RunCheckedTests=Global::Ctrl+R, F
TestResults.RunAllTestsInTestResults=Global::Ctrl+R, D
Test.RunTestsInClass=Global::Ctrl+R, C

and none in the current clashing

i removed the saved, and it the problem has not gone away


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

i reset all my settings, and then reimported colors and keyboard bindings and a few others things and all is working again.

thanks for your help


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Ok, glad to hear that. The way ViEmu prevents Enter from inserting a newline in normal mode (yes, VS input event routing is wicked that way) is to disable the Edit.BreakLine command, so if it wasn't assigned that would be the reason (and still the core VS editor might have been processing Enter and inserting the newlines on its own).

In any case, I'm glad it's fixed now.


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

So, what is the proper way for someone using ViEmu w/ MSVS 2005 to start using MSVS 2008 as well?  Sounds like if I just install MSVS 2008 this issue will be encountered?  Do I uninstall ViEmu, install MSVS 2008 and then re-install ViEmu?  As luck would have it, I just downloaded MSVS 2008 and was about to give it a try.


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Hi Ryan,

At least in theory, and that's how I've done it myself in several occasions without problems, you should be able to just install VS2008 and ViEmu should work right out of the box. No need to install/uninstall. In the case there is some problem, just post here or drop me a line (either by mail or through the support form), and I'll send you instructions on how to fix any outstanding issue with keybindings, etc...

Best regards,



Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Hmmm...  I installed MSVC++ 2008 Express Edition but ViEmu was not on the Tools | Options menu as was the case w/ MSVC++ 2005.  So, I uninstalled ViEmu and re-installed it but still no entry on the Tools | Options menu....  It does still appear in MSVC++ 2005.

I use MSVS 2005 Team Edition but only downloaded/installed the Express Edition of MSVC++ 2008.  Does ViEmu work with the Express Editions?


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Hi Ryan,

Indeed, ViEmu doesn't work with the Express editions of Visual Studio. Microsoft deliberately removed loading of add-ins from the express editions, probably in order to keep the appeal of the commercial versions of their products. Unfortunately, there is not much that I can do about it.




Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

Darn.  smile

Ok, I'll wait and try with the full thing when I get it.  Thanks.


Re: vs2008 issue w/ enter key

You're welcome. Let me know if there is any other problem.