Re: ViEmuW/.viemurc noremap?

I've tried the following in .viemurc and _viemurc in C:\Program Files\ViEmuW (where I installed ViEmuW).

noremap l h
noremap ; l

I've also tried

map l h
map ; l

neither works. The first works for ViEmu for VS in C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\.viemurc

Also, why no shared .viemurc? There could be two extra startup files, .viemurc.vs and .viemurc.w for non-shared settings or conditionals to check which program is being used, similar to vimrc.


Re: ViEmuW/.viemurc noremap?

Hi kinscore,

Although the installation directory works too, the recommended path for both .viemurc and .viemuwrc are the user folder (as you showed above). You can use the name with a dot or with an underscore (_viemurc/_viemuwrc), as that causes less trouble with the Windows shell.

The reason the rc files are separate is that, while ViEmu/VS and ViEmu/SQL are quite similar internally (thus both read .viemurc), ViEmu/Word&Outlook is quite different and expecting the same things could cause confusion.

I have just tried your mapping in Word 2003 and they work fine. I tried typing them by hand at the ex command line, and also writing them in C:\Documents and Settings\Jon\_viemuwrc. It works both ways. I'm using ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.0.24.

Can you let me know more details about your installation? Word and OS version, keyboard layout and OS/Word language, specific local settings, any extra add-ins or extensions... any of those could cause some problem.

Does typing the commands at the command line work? This is in order to separate a problem with the rc file or with the mapping itself.

By the way, the 'noremap' version is the good one, as the raw 'map' will apply two mappings when processing ';'.




Re: ViEmuW/.viemurc noremap?

The issue turned out to be .viemuwrc vs .viemurc. I hadn't realized that ViEmu for Word uses a different file name. I've copied (shortcut/cygwin symlink doesn't work) ~/.viemurc to ~/.viemuwrc and all is well. Now both VS and Word use my preferred navigation keys.
I think I read to use the installation directory from the ViEmu for Word documentation but I probably misread viemuwrc as viemurc.

Thank you, Jon.


Re: ViEmuW/.viemurc noremap?

Yes, the documentation talks also about the installation directory. It was only valid there in earlier 1.x builds, I added looking in the HOME path in later versions after some users requested it, which is just the most reasonable option (but I kept both possible locations).

I'm glad it works fine now, you're very welcome and thanks for letting me know.