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I'm having some trouble with ViEmu's find function and was hoping someone might have some suggestions.

When I type in :/search_string ViEmu correctly takes me to the line containing the first search result.  However, when I press n / N for next / prev result from there, instead of being taken to a new result, those keys just iterate me one character forward or backward along the current line.

When I search for the word currently under the cursor using # or *, ViEmu highlights all the results on the page and n / N DO work.  I'd imagine this is what's supposed to be happening on a normal search as well.

I'm not doing anything different than I would in conventional VIM.  Any ideas?


Re: ViEmu Find - n / N

fyrerise, I think you are doing something different from the usual way - usually, searches are typed without ':' leading them. Just /search_string and then <return> to kick it. ViEmu n/N and search highlighting work fine in that mode.

If you type :/search_string<return>, you are actually triggering an empty ex command with a line identifier specified by a search (the same way you can do :5,/hello/d to delete all lines between line 5 and the next line containing 'hello'. It is possible that ViEmu works differently from vim when that is done, as it's a usage that isn't common (and I haven't tested). In such case, I should fix it in a future version of ViEmu.

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Re: ViEmu Find - n / N

Jon: more likely my memory's just a bit rusty.

Works great.  Thanks for the help and quick response.


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You're very welcome!