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I've started introducing F# to our company, and we use ViEmu on a couple of machines. We've found the F# IDE doesn't play nicely all of the time with ViEmu: it will work fine half of the time, but sometimes after a restart or after opening a particular file or on start up it will fail to work.

The symptoms are:

* None of the vi letter command keys work; they are simply inserted.
* Escape doesn't work; it appears to do nothing.
* Backspace doesn't work; it does nothing. (Which seems to indicate ViEmu is still kind of running in the editor)
* It starts with a square cursor, but moving around with arrow keys turns the cursor in to a thin one. Typing a character sets it back to a square cursor.
* Moving past the end of the line with the arrow keys causes the cursor to go to the next line.
* A .cs file in the same project works fine. (But also seems to use standard VS highlighting)
* Re-opening the file with the HTML editor (for example) works, but loses the IDE integration.
* Turning off and on ViEmu while editing the file doesn't help; nor can I find any reliable workaround. Mucking around for 20 minutes randomly opening and closing windows and opening and closing Studio tends to fix it, though.

If there are any other suggestions you have for tricking it to work, I'd be happy to give them a try.

I have no idea what gets it working again, but eventually it starts working perfectly.

We're using:

* Visual Studio 2005 (8.0.50727.42 RTM)
* ViEmu 2.1.21
* F#

F# is a free add-in, with the installer MSI at:


F# will also be commercialized and (I think, from memory) be in the next version of Visual Studio. I can't imagine that you have too much time to look at every Studio add-in, but since this one is a Microsoft one and since it actually works perfectly when it isn't in its "silly mode" I'm hoping it is something trivial. smile


Re: F# Support

Hi Ian,

I'll definitely have a look at it and get back to you. Hopefully, it won't be that difficult to fix. It looks like the language service must be doing something weird - I've seen this with other language integrations in the past, like VS.Php. Good that you told me, because it's often *them* who are doing something of dubious quality, and I should drop them a line to try to get them to fix it before the full release! Meanwhile, I hope I'll be able to find a workaround.


  - Jon


Re: F# Support

In case anyone else is interested, I'm looking into this and following up with Ian. The hardest part is proving to be reproducing the problem, so far.


Re: F# Support

We finally nailed it down to an incompatibility with Visual Assist. I have fixed it and uploaded a new build, 2.1.23. Since I already made it the 'official' 2.1 build, you can download it from the regular download page:


Remember to manually uninstall the previous version before installing this one.