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ViEmu is working well for most of what I'm doing.  However, I'm running into problems with ASPX pages.  Two bugs I've noticed so far:

1. Enter key does not work with ex commands.  For example, :w<enter> shows ':w_' but does not save the document and the command is still shown like I'd never hit enter.
2. Auto-complete/intellisense does not work.  I begin typing '<asp:' and immediately the auto complete window disappears.

This is using VS 2005.  These only show up when editing ASPX.  CS files work as advertised.


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Re: ViEmu and ASPX

I will look into it and get back to you. Hopefully there will be some way to work around the problems simply - the various language services in Visual Studio can be wildly different in their internal behavior.


Re: ViEmu and ASPX

FYI: Just ran into a similar problem on ashx pages.


Re: ViEmu and ASPX

Thanks for the extra info. I will hopefully be able to look into this during this week. I'll post and drop you a line as soon as I have more info.


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Re: ViEmu and ASPX

I have been able to look into this and reproduce the "RETURN not working" problem. Did you have Visual Assist installed? It may have caused it. It would be good if you went to Help|About, copy the contents there, and post it here.

In any case, I have prepared another build which changes the way RETURN is handled, and it fixes the issue in my installation. I haven't built an installer for it yet, but here is a link to the DLL to test it out first:


You can overwrite the DLL version in your installation folder (typically "C:\Program Files\ViEmu"), and check whether it fixes the problem. The version tag in this build is "2.26.return.ext", after I've tested it out I will release it as 2.1.27 in the next few days.

As for the auto-complete / intellisense problem, I haven't been able to reproduce it here at all. The drop-down pops up after I start typing "<", and it stays there and works while I type "asp:" or anything else. Can you provide any extra info?

Apologies for the long delay in addressing this and regards,

  - Jon