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Hi all,

I haven't had a chance to read all the posts in this forum, so if this has already been mentioned, just ignore.  Would it be possible to modify viEmu so that it's page positioning logic incorporates the <PAGE-UP> and <PAGE-DOWN> buttons?  I find that although I use viEmu to perform searches, etc., I use the <PAGE-UP> and <PAGE-DOWN> buttons to traverse my documents up and down one display page at a time.  If after pressing one of these keys 5 times, for example, and then press an arrow key to move my cursor, the page display reverts back to the screen I was one 5 pages ago.  I'd prefer if viEmu stayed on the current page.

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I cannot reproduce it, either in VS.NET 2003 or VS2005. I have both Visual Assist and Resharper installed now in order to test compatibility issues, but I don't remember ever having seen the behavior you describe. Can you detail what setup you have (VS, other 3rd party plugins) and how to cause it?

I thought it might have been during incremental search or in insert mode, but PageUp/Down don't do anything in incremental search mode, and they seem to work fine in insert mode.




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Hi there,

You are absolutely right -- I cannot reproduce it either.  I had to sit down and watch what I was actually doing.  It turns out that although I use the PG_UP and PG_DOWN buttons a lot, they aren't causing the problem I described earlier.  What's actually causing the problem is the scrollable mouse that I use.

Try this with a scrollable mouse:

1.  Open a long text file.
2.  Use the scroll-button located between the mouse buttons to scroll a couple of pages up or down.
3.  Then press the Up or Down arrow key.

You should see at this point that the cursor returns to the position it occupied before mouse-scrolling took place.

Sorry for the confusion :-)

Darryl Staflund


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Ah, ok. Then what you want is vi/vim's specific behavior that the cursor always stay onscreen (btw, does any other editor have that behavior?).

I will implement some experimental support - it may be tricky with general mouse operations though.



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Hi there,

On other vi editors that I have used on the past, the cursor is always visible when I use the mouse.  Some that I have used are:

- Lemmy (http://www.softwareonline.org/)
- CodeWright
- SlickEdit
- SlickEdit Plugin for Eclipse



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I meant any non-vi editor, but thanks for the list - I definitely plan to implement it before calling ViEmu a "comprehensive vi emulator" (which I hope I'll be able to some day, while I don't think I will be able to call ViEmu a "comprehensive vim emulator").



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For what it's worth, I find gvim's unique editor cursor behavior unwanted when using a scrollbar, and I was happy to see that ViEmu did not emulate it. Of course, there is no scrollbar in vi, so there's nothing to emulate.

If you were to "fix" that, I would probably want it to be optional. I like to be able to position my editor cursor where I want it, then scroll around and know I'll get back where I was when I start typing.

If all Windows applications made the editor cursor stay within the visible scroll region, I'd be fine with gvim's behavior, but I see no reason for it to deviate in that way.


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Woody, thanks for adding the data point - it definitely seems that a user setting would be in order. vi(m)-compatible behavior would be the default, but it would be configurable.

Myself, I don't miss vim's behavior either. I've become accustomed to the standard behavior of other editors over the years and never got to love the vi(m) way in this specific aspect.