Re: Remap and the daw, diw operators

There's an implementation difference between vim and viemu.

To reproduce, remap (for example) w to iw in operator pending mode. This means pressing dw becomes diw. However, in vim, pressing daw still works. In viemu I suppose it is remapped into daiw, which means nothing. It seems that in vim, after you've entered either da or di, the program is no longer in operator pending mode.

Naturally it is analogous for all other operators and special motions.

I guess this is perhaps slightly esoteric, but I would still appreciate a fix if possible.


Re: Remap and the daw, diw operators

Thanks for the perfectly-described feedback.

I'll have a look at it. Making sure the 'operator pending mode' is properly handled, it shouldn't be too difficult to fix. Hopefully I'll be able to provide a fix in the next maintenance release. I have some unavoidable marketing tasks to do over the next few days, but the next step after that is dedicating a few days to pending ViEmu fixes & support issues, so I hope to provide a fix soon.


Re: Remap and the daw, diw operators

Muchly appreciated, thanks.


Re: Remap and the daw, diw operators

tomlu, I've finally looked into this and changed the implementation to match vim. I've tested your mapping and it works, while diw and daw still work fine. You can download the following DLL version, overwrite the one in your install folder (typically "C:\Program Files\ViEmu"), and it should fix the problem:


The version tag is "2.1.26.return.ext.fold.ops", I will turn this into an official 2.1.27 in the next few days after everything's stable.