Re: Upgrade Install Question

On the forum page which lists the latest build it says to uninstall the existing version first.
On the normal download page (which I note is running one version back) it says that its not necessary to uninstall.

Could you advise if its necessary to uninstall before installing the latest versions?



Re: Upgrade Install Question

Hi Stephen,

I apologize for the confusion. Uninstalling first is best. Probably the download page text is misleading. 2.1.x can be installed on top of any 2.0.x or previous version, upgrade is automatic, but upgrading from a 2.1.x to a later 2.1.x needs a manual uninstall first.

The build process is not fully automated, that is the reason, and adding automatic upgrades adds a bit of effort to every build. I will implement automatic upgrade for even minor releases, as I have done in Codekana. Hopefully in a few weeks. And this will be a thing of the past. My bad.

Best regards,