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I've noticed recently that one of my debugging workflows is to set a few breakpoints or tracepoints, debug, then disable or move some of the breakpoints. Thus navigating to existing breakpoints (rather than just adding new ones or deleting/disabling ALL existing ones) is something I have to do (and is currently slowing me down). Though visual studio has a panel to show a list of breakpoints I don't like this panel (or, for example, the find results panels) as it requires mouse input or too much text copying (not so bad when the target happens to be in the current file; particularly bad when the target is in a different project).

Does VS or ViEmu have any keyboard shortcuts or commands for navigating to existing breakpoints?

A simple solution that I would be happy with is to have a pair of shortcuts for navigating to the next/previous breakpoint (in the current file).
A more complicated solution that would be more versatile would be to have breakpoints represented as a special (non-printing?) character at the beginning of the line (either column zero or just before the first non-whitespace character--which is where the breakpoint panel claims the breakpoint is) so that they can be found with standard vi-style search (and maybe find in files?)--even found with some context, for example finding all breakpoints on "if" statements--and navigated with n/N.


Re: Navigating breakpoints

I will look into this. VS would need to provide some way to access and navigate breakpoints, which it likely does. Rather than ViEmu implementing it itself, it should probably just provide enough hooks to implement it externally. Since ViEmu 3.0 is meant to have some scripting capabilities, this could be covered. I'll post back about this.

Thanks for the feedback.


Re: Navigating breakpoints

Thank you for the information.
I was thinking that if it's done the second way (modifying files or the way the IDE/API sees files) it isn't really a ViEmu-specific feature as it becomes standard text search. In fact I was trying to create a VS add-in just for this feature. Perhaps I'll resume that and post results here.


Re: Navigating breakpoints

Be sure to post about it. I'm pretty set on researching scripting for ViEmu 3.0, which could be helpful for this type of feature.