Re: Macro & ViEMU don't get along..

I'm using the macro from this post... http://www.jpboodhoo.com/blog/BDDTestNamingMacroSpeedUpdate.aspx

And I've noticed that the deletion of the existing line only seems to work properly if I'm in insert mode.  It seems like in normal mode the selection.SelectLine() command is failing.

Is this something that can be fixed?




Re: Macro & ViEMU don't get along..

Gonna have a look at it... will get back to you.

- Jon


Re: Macro & ViEMU don't get along..

I just tried creating a macro that does just "DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection.Delete()". This deletes the current selection if there is one, or just the current character if there is none. It works the same no matter whether ViEmu is enabled or disabled. Can you please explain the problem in more detail?

I'm not totally sure what JP's macro does, what it expects, so please let me know how I can reproduce the problem.

I tried it under VS2005, by the way, in case that makes a difference.




Re: Macro & ViEMU don't get along..

This is where things get a bit interesting.  I talked to JP and he doesn't have the same problem I do.  In fact I actually had the macro working fine.  Then all of the sudden it stopped working properly.  So I'm going to have to do some more digging. 

I don't think the macro itself is that important.  If I put a Return right after the selection.Delete(1) I'll see that a single space has been deleted instead of the line (which implies that the line was not selected and the default behavior fired instead -- Delete(1) will delete a single character)


Re: Macro & ViEMU don't get along..

Hmmm... what language are you editing? Maybe you can try with raw text files to remove variables.

Other third party add-ins can also cause some trouble. It would be good if you went to Help|About, copied the contents there, and pasted them back here. It might give us some clue.