Re: Comments and Suggestions


This is a fantastic product! I've been wanting VIM in VS for yeeears; the VIM integration has never been usable, though. I'll definitely be registering (I'll see if work will pay, but in any case can't live without it now after a few hours use smile)

If you ever have trouble finding new features to implement, I have a few suggestions: wink

* In VIM when you type :tag <name> it will go to the tag you typed instead of the tag under the cursor. I'm guessing that it wouldn't be as trivial to implement as the current under the cursor support though.
* When you follow a tag, VIM keeps a stack and allows you to go back with CTRL-T.
* Control-N completion of filenames to :e <...> with filenames taken from the solution would also be a nice way of jumping around files.



Re: Comments and Suggestions


Thanks for the compliments. I'm right now working in the next major version, 2.0 (a free upgrade to existing customers), and I have a mile-long request list, but the suggestions are welcome. Even when repeated they often provide more info, and it lets me know which features are the most sought after.

Regarding each in detail: (1) adding an argument to :tag to use instead of the word under the cursor is quite simple, it'll be on one of the next releases. (2) the tag stack is currently on the todo list, it'll be done some time later on. (3) tab completion for :e - I want to do a general framework for ex command autocompletion, after which the different cases will be covered (command completion, :set option completion, filename completion, etc...).