Re: issues with mode line in viemu for word/outlook and calendar mode

When typing a long message, when the cursor gets to the bottom of the screen, very often the cursor gets to the bottom of the screen and is covered up by the modeline.  Maybe I'm just daft, but is there any way to get rid of, truncate, make transparent, or otherwise prevent the modeline from obscuring what I'm typing?

also, in outlook's (2007) calendar mode, doesn't look like viemu is hooked in to that editor. Is there anything that I can do about that?

-- pryankster

PS: Even with the few warts that viemu has, it's probably the best piece of software I've ever paid money for, and has saved me countless hours when editing code and email messages.
I've been using vi in its various forms for more than 20 years -- so the ol' fingers are  trained for one text editor, and one text editor only -- I can't tell you the number of times I pressed <ESC> while editing this forum post :-)


Re: issues with mode line in viemu for word/outlook and calendar mode

Indeed, the status bar obscuring the cursor is the biggest shortcoming in the current ViEmu/Word&Outlook. I have a better status bar half-implemented right now, which allows configuring it to show on top of the status bar and/or hide it when not typing a search or ex command (it also allows making it shorter, and setting it to the rightmost side). I will hopefully be able to fully fix this and release a new version in the very near future.

Also, ViEmu/W&O can't hook anything else than Word editing windows, it can't do anything with other types of editors. Unfortunately, addressing that is beyond the current scope of ViEmu -- providing integration with another editor is a huge undertaking.

Thanks pryankster for the very kind comment. I'm glad you are enjoying it. I hope that ViEmu will become better and better over the coming months and years, and that the warts will be reduced. In the case of ViEmu/Word&Outlook, the Word extensibility framework is hugely limiting, but hopefully I can work around the most prominent issues.

Thanks and best regards,

  - Jon