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If I do a search from the command-line by type '/' and my regular expression, the cursor is positioned to the location of the first occurrence found.  Nice!  If I then press 'ESC' to quit the search, though, the cursor returns the location it occupied before the search.  Could you create a viEmu preference that we can use to choose whether 'ESC' returns the previous location or stays at the latest occurrence?  In almost any vi editor I have used in the past, ESC usually stays at the last occurrence and that is my preferred behaviour.

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Re: One more request

For a moment, I was thinking that :cmap <Esc> <Return> (which is supported in 2.0) would do the trick - but it would also kick while typing ex commands. Do you know of any other way to do it supported by a standard vi/vim facility? Maybe a vim :set option?


Re: One more request

In Vim 7.0 with incsearch set when I type /pat vim shows me the first match.  When I hit ESC the cursor goes back to where I was when I started the search.  When I hit RETURN the cursor stays on the first match.   I think the ViEmu behavior is okay as it is.



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Yeah, it's also the same in vim 6 and I thought the only standard behavior. But I understand the request. In any case, it will be a user setting (hopefully compatible with however it's configured in vim, and/or provided through standard vi/vim facilities).