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After a long search (I'm a Vim noob), I found a tip for inserting a blank line and staying in normal mode. I added the following code to _viemurc:
normalmap ,o o<Esc>k
normalmap ,O O<Esc>j

but for some reason a "," (i.e. ,o or ,O) mapping doesn't work in viemu. When I change the mapping to <C-something> it works fine. This mapping ",o" also works in (G)Vim.
Any ideas?

2) Later I remembered that "," is used for another purpose and defining ",o" is slowing the response time of Vim. Any free character I can use for my macros?


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Re: Unable to map keys

oshmoz, ViEmu doesn't yet allow mapping multiple-key chords (,o and ,O above). You have to map single keypresses at a time. This feature is planned for ViEmu 3 though, planned for later this year (it's already in active development).




Re: Unable to map keys

Any ideas about good keys available for mapping?


Re: Unable to map keys

Any combinations with ctrl-shift-, ctrl-alt- or ctrl-shift-alt- which are not already used up by VS. Also, Ctrl-, and Ctrl-. are not used in some configurations:

nnoremap <c-a-o> o<Esc>k
nnoremap <c-a-s-o> O<Esc>j
nnoremap <c-,> ddp

And so on... I'm really hoping to provide key-chord mapping soon.

- Jon


Re: Unable to map keys

admin wrote:

mapping multiple-key chords ... feature is planned for ViEmu 3

This is my most desired feature. I'm so excited!

My most frequently used mapping is global search and replace:

" Global search and replace
map gs :%s/
vmap gs :s/

It's so hard not being able to use gs.


Re: Unable to map keys

This is actually planned for 2.5, the first major release after the new licensing system is implemented & released, so it should be here quite soon -- right after the end of the summer.

The new license key system is actually fully implemented and working already, including the key generator linked to the ecommerce system, and the only missing part is the customer-area on the web site for every existing customer to get their shiny new key easily. Hopefully ready in 2-3 weeks!

  -- Jon