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I've just subscribed to this forum via an RSS reader and I've noticed that spam posts show up in the feed that don't appear when browsing the forum via the web. Is this because the feed isn't updated when you delete forum posts or some other issue?

Here's the link i've used for the subscription:

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Re: Spam in RSS

Hello Michael,

I've just checked and don't see any spam on that feed right now. Of course, that doesn't mean some spam didn't show earlier!

There is a lot of spam posted to this forum. Most of it is filtered by the Akismet plug-in, and I manually delete posts that go through when I check the forum, which is usually several times a day (the checking, not spam going through). I actually have to manually remove spam about two to three times a week, it's not very intensive. Fortunately, Akismet usually gets rid of the most distateful spam.

What type of spam, and with what frequency, do you see in the RSS feed? The reason I'm asking is that, possibly, your feed reader keeps RSS entries that disappear from the feed, and that's why you end up seeing them.

If you let me know what RSS reader you are using, I may have a hand to test and possibly address it.

The problem with spam is so bad these days...


Re: Spam in RSS

You're right, I should have noticed that. Google's RSS reader(http://google.com/reader) is caching the feed. So it appears to me that the spam is still there when, in fact, you've removed it. I guess there's not much that can be done since I'm sure Google caches at their own pace. I'll live with it.

Thanks for the reply.


Re: Spam in RSS

Michael, I'm sorry for that. Maybe there's a setting in Google's reader so that it will only keep entries if they were the last in the previous version. That should be enough to make them remove the spam too.

Thanks to you for letting me know and for supporting ViEmu!

I'm giving the finishing touches to 2.2, I will have it in testing it for a few days and hopefully release it "officially" before the end of the week. i'/a'/i"/a" motions are finally there. And from now on, all minor releases will auto-upgrade any existing installation (I'm finally revamping the MSI installer build system).