Re: Code Folding...

I couldn't seem to find the answer; I know that ViEmu supports code folding but I was curious what type it supports? I would like to use marker folding but I'm not seeing that work... is that not supported? If so is it planned to be supported at any point?

I'm trying to determine whether to purchase the license and this is pretty important to me. (I think the product is really compelling though, great job!)


Re: Code Folding...

Alex, ViEmu supporst vim-style commands to fold/unfold regions, but it depends on VS's own folding functionality to actually create the regions. So, if you press 'za', you toggle the closest fold enclosing the cursor, zM collapses the whole file, zR expands it all, etc...

Apart from this, you can create your own folds with the 'zf' operator, but they are transient (the last only until the file is closed).

All in all, it's not very close to vim's folding capabilities, but it provides the familiar commands on top of VS's funcionality.

If there is some extra command that needs to be supported, drop me a line and I'll try to implement it. If it's just a new command wrapping VS functionality, it's usually pretty simple. If not, I will take note of it and try to add it in one of the next versions.


  -- Jon