Re: e# not recognized ?

Is this is a known issue ?


Re: e# not recognized ?

amol, yes, :e only supports a filename right now. You can use Ctrl-^ (Ctrl-6) meanwhile, which does the same thing. I plan to improve the :e command in several ways in one of the next releases, including support for #.


Re: e# not recognized ?

thanks. my reply to your email bounced back, so I thought I'd post a couple more questions here.

BTW, I also noticed a couple of other things:
1. undo levels (is there a way to get multiple undos like vim ?)
2. autoindent. It seems like you leave it up to VS. which is ok, I guess.
But it would be nice
   to have it flexible like vim.
3. Do I have to unbind everything that is mapped with ^R to get vim-like
redo, or is it an RTFM thing ?
4.  Can ctrl-] be mapped to "Find Definition" ? This is how tags work in vi/vim, and would be kickass.

If all of these have already been asked an answered,  I guess the next question would be "Is there a FAQ" ?  :-)

Great product. I love it !


Re: e# not recognized ?

amol, thanks for the praises and... yes, the faq is at http://www.viemu.com/viemu_faq.html, and several of your questions are answered there smile No problem with asking them here though.

1. ViEmu supports multiple undo/redo's directly, using u and ^R (as in vim), but it doesn't support multiple branches as in vim 7. Getting multiple change branches to coexist with VS's ideas of undo/redo would require something beyond major surgery. ViEmu also supports a basic emulation of plain vanilla vi's single undo operation by using :set viundo, so that a second undo ('u') after a first one redoes the original action, reverting back to the original state.

2. Autoindent is now handled by VS. It would be possible to emulate other autoindent options (actually, it was a major headache to get VS's autoindent to kick in). I would be grateful if you could point out what behavior would be the most useful (apart from emulating all of vim's functionality, of course).

3. Yes, it's necessary to unbind everything bound to Ctrl-R. ViEmu 2.0 will feature an automatic clahsing-keybinding removal tool. It's about time.

4. Ctrl-] already calls 'Find Definition', you need to unbind its current binding for it to work though, as ViEmu else doesn't even see the keypress (the main VS message pump doesn't even dispatch them if they are bound to any command).

Thanks for the feedback,