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When debugging, how do you popup the quickwatch window with a marked selection?

If the cursor is on myObjectInstance i can F9 and view the object.
But marking myObjectInstance.MyProperty with a visual block and hitting F9 doesn't show the quickwatch with myObjectInstance.MyProperty but with MyProperty .


Re: visual block quickwatch

Sotto, by default ViEmu uses its own marker, not VS's selection, to highlight the visual area.

There is a command to turn the current visual range into VS's selection: gS.

Thus, if you select an expression and type gS<F9> you should get the quick watch (as long as F9 is the hotkey).

You can also set up a ViEmu mapping to do the whole thing, using :vscmd to call the VS command directly:

  :vnoremap \\ gS:vscmd Debug.QuickWatch<return>

Will assing the reverse backslash key to converting the current range into a VS selection and calling VS's command to pop up the QuickWatch window. You can use any free key combination (not taken by VS), such as <C-S-F2> for Ctrl-Shift-F2, etc...

You can insert this command inyour  _viemurc for it to be applied on every session (the file should be a plain text file in your home directory, check %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH% to see where that is in your case).


  -- Jon


Re: visual block quickwatch

Thanks Jon!

I didn't have a _viemurc file yet so I created one with the following line
:vnoremap <S-F9> gS:vscmd Debug.QuickWatch<return>

and I removed the default vs.net keybinding of shift-f9

Works great !

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Re: visual block quickwatch

Great to hear that it worked! And thanks for reporting back for the benefit of others.


  -- Jon