Re: Couple questions

Hey, still in trial period but really like Vi Emu so far. It's great having most of the functionality in place -- I shudder to think what I would need to do to get Vim to play well in my current environment...

First thing I noticed was the following command doesn't work like I expected:


I expected a confirmation dialog for each "foo" before replacing, but instead it simply replaced each "foo" immediately. Is there any plans to add in the correct functionality for the c flag? I rarely want to do a global find/replace but frequently what to replace most elements in the text.

Second, I'm not sure I'm correctly using my vimrc with vimemu, is there a document with clear instructions (maybe I missed it)? I currently have a file _viemurc in my user directory which overrides the Y command to act more like D (why does Y act like yy???), but when I load up VS the Y command still misbehaves. I'm thinking I didn't put the rc file in the right place or that my rc file contains stuff which is screwing up the process (it's my actual vimrc file and therefore contains stuff viemu doesn't understand). Do I need to remove unsupported commands?

Third, this is probably the biggest thing for me, is there any way to simulate split windows, or at least the ability to move between open windows? Viemu keeps me on the keyboard until I need to open/move to another file. On a related note is it possible to open files in the project for edit/viewing? Ideally I could write say, :e <filename> and have it open in a new tab (which I could then switch back and forth to). Of course, the path should be given relative to your project, and (in a more perfect world) I could hit <tab> while typing out the path to get some autocomplete magic going on.

Any feedback appreciated, keep up the great work!


Re: Couple questions


Thanks for the kind comment, I'm glad you are enjoying ViEmu. Indeed, the 'c' flag and functionality for :s is not implemented yet. I plan to implement it in a future version.

To check the place where ViEmu expects to find the _viemurc file, you can check the %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH% environment variables. Then, make sure the file is called "_viemurc" or ".viemurc". If there is any problem when processing it (such as unknown commands), ViEmu will output error messages to the VS Output window, so you should be able to check it. ViEmu's rc file parsing is very simplistic, but it won't understand most of viml stuff, so I would have a simple separate file just to minimize problems (although this is not strictly necessary, of course). Actually, if there are errors, the messages in the output window will help ensure the file is loading.

You can use window split functions, but it only allows two split views on the current file. The VS window / buffer model is very different from vim and much more limited. You can use :split, and Ctrl-W followed by w/j/k/c to open, close and move around these splits.

You can use :e, but you have to type the full filename. Autocompletion is planned for a future version too. Myself, I tend to use Ctrl-Alt-L to open the solution explorer and then type part of the name to get there, plus <return> to open it. It's the way to completely obliterate mousing around.


  -- Jon