Re: Jump to position of "last change" or "last insert" not working

I have no idea what happened, but now, all of a sudden, the following key bindings no longer work:




I thought maybe it had to do with recently installing ReSharper... but I uninstalled it.. no help. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled ViEmu... no help.

Pressing either of the above key bindings causes a Windows "beep" sound.. the same as pressing Esc when already in command mode.


Re: Jump to position of "last change" or "last insert" not working

It seems really weird. The dot mark (".") stores the location of the last change. When you open a file anew, if you do either of the commands you mention above, it's normal that you get the beep -- it means that you are trying to jump to a mark that is not set (as if you do 'q and you haven't set the "q" mark with "mq" before).

If you do any edit operation, say "dd", then move anywhere in the file, and do '. or `., it should get back to the place where you deleted the line. Even if you do "u" afterwards, the location is remembered (thus, the "beep" can only happen before any op is done at all).

Can you verify that the bug is happening as described? That is, that after doing 'dd', `. still fails? If not, can you post more details about your environment / type of language you are editing? And possibly try with a plain-text file or some other language?


  -- Jon