Re: 1.4.6: some problems of ViEmu

i'm using ViEmu 1.4.6 and vs2005

1. ViEmu will intercept keystrokes even in incremental searching of vs.
    (it's not serious, since we have '/', but it's better to fix it)
2. i'm selecting a sentence, and pressing 'o', but nothing happen.
   the cursor should go to the other side of highlighted text. see ':help v_o' in vim
3. record function('q') can't handle cursor moving. when i move cursor in recording,
   the cursor moving is ignored. so, the replay result is wrong.


Re: 1.4.6: some problems of ViEmu

and, how to delete a mark?


Re: 1.4.6: some problems of ViEmu

Hello Leo,

1. I will have a look at detecting VS's incremental search mode.
2. 'o' in Visual mode is implemented in 2.0, which will be ready in a few weeks (I'm already using it myself, but there are several other things that are in development)
3. I must have broken something in macro recording. I'll have a look and let you know.
4. What is the vi/vim way to delete a mark? I'm willing to implement it, but I don't know how it is done.

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback.


Re: 1.4.6: some problems of ViEmu

in vim, you can delete marks by :delm {marks}

thanks for your great work, ViEmu is a fantastic add-in.

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Re: 1.4.6: some problems of ViEmu

Thanks for the compliment. I have just uploaded ViEmu which fixes the incremental search problem.


(Needs a manual uninstall of previous versions of ViEmu before installing it).

'v_o' will be available in 2.0. I will try to implement :delm soon, possibly before 2.0. BTW, 2.0 will be a free upgrade to all existing customers.

But most importantly, I would need instructions to reproduce the cursor-movement-in-macro problem, as I have been unable to.