Re: Switching Windows Frustration

I'm trying to work on a document in a split window.  I want each window to edit a different line in the same document.   

When I switch from Window-A (Wa) to WIndow-B (Wb), the program assumes I want to edit at the same point in Wb that I was editing in Wa.   I've tried all the window commands in the documentation and I can't get the program to keep my proper window locations.   

What is the proper way to switch windows to edit two seperate locations in the same doc without loosing your place?    Is that a bug?  Or am I missing something?




Re: Switching Windows Frustration


I have just tried this on VS 2003, 2005 and 2008, with both Visual Assist X installed and not installed (it can affect these types of issues). Everything works fine for me, locations are kept properly with each split pane. I'm using Ctrl-W, s to split the view, and Ctrl-W, w to switch between views. What are you doing exactly to cause the problem?

Please give me more details about your host environment, version, other 3rd party apps, etc...

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  -- Jon