Re: AutoFold, Maybe a Separate Add In

In Visual Studio 2005 I have often wished that these and similar code blocks would be automatically marked for (vim term) folding:
   - switch statements
   - if's / else's with braces
   - for / foreach's
   - comments on (default=3) or more contiguous lines

I recently discovered vim folding and sometimes take the time to collapse the above.  I suppose if I knew how I could create a macro to do it automatically...

After a brief, unsuccessful Google search for an addin that would do this I decided to post here for several reasons.
1.  Maybe someone already knows how and would be kind enough to share.
2.  If someone knows of a good addin a link would be appreciated.
3.  If ViEmu could do this as a free or modestly-priced upgrade I'm definitely interested.
4.  There might be a market for an addin with just this feature, for those coders paid by the hour and who therefore choose not to use ViEmu...   ;-)


Re: AutoFold, Maybe a Separate Add In

Hmmm... definitely a good match for Codekana (I hope you are aware of its existence, or my marketing is really terrible!).

I'll look into it.

  - Jon


Re: AutoFold, Maybe a Separate Add In

I own Codekana too.  ;-)


Re: AutoFold, Maybe a Separate Add In

Ah ok, great to hear that! smile