Re: ViEmu release plan

I'm posting about this since there seem to have been drastic changes since last I asked, almost a year ago.

Basically, I'm wondering what are the plans for the next release of ViEmu now? What top 3-5 features are going in, and what is the timeline?

As always, I like to plug my favourite feature, multi-key remapping.


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Re: ViEmu release plan

Tomlu, indeed, there have been changes.

The grand "scriptable ViEmu" release has been pushed back. I want to do some less-radical features and releases before.

I am going to implement a new licensing system shortly, to be able to charge for upgrades and hopefully cut down a bit on piracy. I'm not going to add activation or anything intrusive, just use asymmetric crypto methods for the license keys, so that a keygen won't be possible. Also, I hope the ability to charge for upgrades (I'm planning for an affordable price) will guarantee and enable more and more frequent improvements and releases.

Features I'm planning to add shortly after that, in 2.5 releases and possibly 3.0 too:

  - The 'c' flag for :s
  - Better integration with other tools that auto-add closing braces/parens and the '.' command
  - Multiple key chord mappings
  - Compatibility with VS 2010 (this is a biggy)

I hope to have the licensing system in 2-3 months, then start preparing 2.5 and possibly other significant upgrades, and then I'll look into VS 2010 compatibility, which could require a whole lot of work (they've changed the editor).

A key inflection point to allow more frequent and better upgrades will be the day sales can support an additional full-time hire to work in improvements. Hopefully the "cocktail" above will help me get there during this year.

Best regards,

  -- Jon


Re: ViEmu release plan


That sounds good and naturally you should be able to charge for upgrades. If I were in your position I would do the same, and ViEmu is very affordable quality product that you should feel proud to have developed. I certainly would not expect to be able to get 2010 support for free. I've done a little VS extensibility and I have no idea how you've managed to browbeat VS into supporting ViEmu.

Having said that, I do feel a little bad as I bought the product with a year's worth of free upgrades, and was expecting an upgrade by last summer that would fix my sorely missed multiple key mapping.

Keep up the good work, Jon.


Re: ViEmu release plan

Tomlu, thanks for the kind comment. I am happy that you appreciate the work.

The upgrade will be very affordable, so hopefully it won't create much problem. Drop me a line when it's out if you feel it's not fair enough.

Thanks and best regards,

  -- Jon