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Hi Jon,

Today I downloaded the trial version of ViEmu, and I think this is the best 'app' I installed since a long time. As a 'hardcore' vim user I really appriciate the plugin, this is a gift from heaven.

I've not yet explorer the whole plugin, but most of the functions I use seem to work (%s / %g / folding (zr e.t.c) / [dwBxvypP]) e.t.c.

There is one 'feature' however, that I'm missing, or can't seem to find. To exit visual mode I use CTRL+C, but that doesn't seem to work in ViEmu. I allready removed the shortcut from   Tools>Options>Keyboard, so CTRL+C doesn't copy anything to the clipboard anymore, but it still won't exit visual mode. I've tried to map it (:map <C-C> <ESC>), which works in VIM, but doesn't in ViEmu.

I allready searched the docs/forums/google/ but can't find an answer. Is it possible to exit Visual Mode by pressing CTRL+C? That would be really cool.


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Re: CTRL+C to exit visual mode

Hello Marijn,

Thanks a lot for the praises. The problem is, most probably, that you have Ctrl-C bound to 'Copy' in Visual Studio's mapings (Tools|Options|Keyboard). Given this, ViEmu doesn't even see the keypress. In order for this to work, you need to remove the binding from Visual Studio's list:

1) Go to Tools|Options|Keyboard
2) Type 'Edit.Copy' in the edit box on top (labeled "Show commands containing")
3) Make sure 'Ctrl+C' is shown in the combo box below the list (labeled "Shortcuts for selected command")
4) Click 'Remove'

Now Ctrl-C should work as you expect.

This happens with many other keys too: Ctrl-E, Ctrl-R, Ctrl-Y, Ctrl-F, ... Ctrl-R is especially annoying, since it's usually assigned to a lot of commands as the first keystroke in a two-keypress combo, and all of them have to be removed for ViEmu to receive it.

ViEmu 2.0, which is *almost* ready (I'm ironing out the last glitches, and I hope to release it officially next week), includes automatic handling of this issue, removing the clashing keyboards the first time it's run, and restoring them temporarily every time ViEmu is deactivated (either on the preferences page or using the hotkey Ctrl-Shift-Alt-V). It should provide a much nicer "getting started" experience.

It's also a free upgrade to existing customers.

Best regards,



Re: CTRL+C to exit visual mode

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the quick reply. But as I wrote, I've allready tried that. It doesn't work.

I've tried it with no mapping assigned and with a ctrl+shift+C mapping, neither method work... (When I click on the menu|edit I see the shortcuts as I defined them (none, ctrl+shift+c) after the copy item, so that should be ok).

Maybe it's a bug?


Re: CTRL+C to exit visual mode

Marijn, I apologize, my fault. I didn't read your message carefully, and I didn't realize that it was actually fixed in, but the maintenance releases of 1.4.6 have not made it to the main download file.

You can download the fixed version here:


It's necessary to manually uninstall the previous 1.4.6 version before installing this one, as it doesn't have automatic upgrading.

Preparing 2.0 has had me a bit distracted from the proper maintenance of the 1.x branch, but hopefully it will pay off next week as the new version is ready.

Best regards,



Re: CTRL+C to exit visual mode

Thanks a lot! This solved the problem.

This made me even more happier. I'm thinking of buying the product now, this is _so_ great.

Thanks again big_smile.


Re: CTRL+C to exit visual mode

Thanks to you for the kind comments. I'm glad you like. If you'd rather *not* buy it, be sure *not* to check out 2.0 which is imminent smile