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Hey does anyone know how to turn off the bell if i inadvertently press escape in normal mode?
Standard vim uses :set vb for this and the screen background flashes instead of annoying bell sound. Anything like this in ViEmu?



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any info?

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Actually i figured it out, i just had to turn off the default windows ding sound.


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Great that you figured it out. I responded by email, here it is too for anyone else that may be watching.

Unfortunately, ViEmu doesn't yet support the visualbell feature. Meanwhile, you can go to Tools|Options|ViEmu and disable the sound by unchecking "beep on errors".

Also, you can configure the sound produce using the Windows control panel, as this is a system sound (ViEmu calls MessageBeep(MB_OK)).

Finally, I'm sure there must be tools out there to signal a system sound with a visual flash, for accessibility reasons. This software tends to be quite expensive, though.

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Actually it's free & built in in windows! (using it on XP)

Leave viemu-beep on errors ON

Start --> run --> accwiz
next -> i'm deaf --> visual warings: yes

And then also go disable the default windows beep sound through windows control panel.

Yes ! I'm happy !