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I'm trying out the Visual Studio 2010 CTP, and I sorely miss ViEmu. When should I expect VS2k10 Support?


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Funny, it's the second time I get this question today. I have only done basic evaluation of what it will mean to support VS 2010, I still have to gather more information before I can have an estimation. In any case, it will still take quite a while for this to be ready, because it's highly non-trivial. I might have to port the whole ViEmu, written in native C++, to .NET, in order to work there.

On the bright side, I am going to hire permanent part-time help to work in ViEmu and Codekana, and this is one of the highest priority tasks once I can get the ball rolling. One thing I want to address first is to set up a new licensing system to be able to charge for upgrades to people who bought over a year ago, as the current scheme doesn't encourage improvements business-wise, and it's important to have the business interests and the customers' interests aligned for the best experience. But I think this new system won't take much time to be ready.

I will post on the ViEmu blog as soon as I have more information.


  - Jon


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Thank you very much. I'd certainly be willing to purchase an upgrade license, and I'd love to see ViEmu and CodeKana on the new, beautiful WPF code editor. smile


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You are very welcome. I hope both ViEmu and Codekana will work very nicely inside the new editor, once the porting work is done.


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VS2010 is almost knocking on our doors.
What are your current plans regarding VS2010?


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Pete and everyone,

I posted this on the other VS2010 thread, here it is too for completeness.

Apologies to everyone for being a bit late with ViEmu for VS2010. We have finished ViEmu 2.5 and Codekana 1.5 for Visual Studio <=2008 this week, which will be released in the next few days together with the new Symnum/NGEDIT customer portal. I'll post the details at the ngedit blog, here, and on Twitter (@jonbho).

Now that this is out of the way, both myself in my development time, and mainly Isaac, the other developer that is working with me in Symnum, are focusing entirely in ViEmu for VS2010 (we've done some work in Codekana for VS2010, but we're leaving that for after ViEmu2010). We hope to have a first beta in the next few weeks (during April), and a first releasable version shortly after that (end of April, or during May). I will post news about it and email everyone as something is available.

The upgrade will be free to everyone who bought less than a year ago, and will include a fee for those who bought before that, I'm still deciding on the structure and amount of that upgrade/support&maintenance fee. In any case it will be very reasonable, and include upgrades for all ViEmu/VS versions for one more year.

Best regards to everyone,

  Jon Beltran de Heredia
  Symnum Systems (f/ NGEDIT Software)