Re: ViEMU getting stuck in INSERT mode

I finally couldn't stand not having VI in Visual Studio 2005, so I ponied up for a license today (with CodeKana - nice tool) and installed.

I have encountered a problem that is killing me.  ViEmu is getting stuck in INSERT mode, and no amount of hammering on the escape key will get it out.  I can't get back to command mode.  Sometimes it finally seems to recognize the escape key press after many tens of seconds and exits insert mode, sometimes not and I have to close VS.  I don't see anything obvious in the forum discussions about this - sorry if it's a repeat, but I'm kinda dead in the water here.


Re: ViEMU getting stuck in INSERT mode

Problem solved.  I spent some time poking around the forum and found the discussions on the Refactor! for C++ problem.  That was it.


Re: ViEMU getting stuck in INSERT mode

Thanks for the kind comment, and I am glad you could find the issue yourself and solve it. Let me know if anything else acts up, or if I can help out with something.

Thanks for the order and best regards,

  -- Jon