Re: viemu stopped working

After a restart, my visual assist license had expired (don't know if this is related) and viemu was no longer functioning properly.

I have a cursor as if I am in command mode (square), but the keys type as if I am in insert mode (except that they overwrite). If I disable viemu on the visual studio options menu, I get visual studio default behavior.


Re: viemu stopped working

After renewing my visual assist subscription, viemu started working again!


Re: viemu stopped working


This is actually expected behavior if you have a non-functional Visual Assist installation. For proper compatibility with Visual Assist, ViEmu needs to wait until VAX hooks the editor window before ViEmu can hook it -- in a normal VAX install it can take VAX anywhere from a few milliseconds to a couple seconds to hook the window. This makes ViEmu non-functional until that point.

When the VAX installation is "inactive", ViEmu detects it is presents, and waits forever for VAX to use it. This makes ViEmu non-functional forever.

I wish there were a better way to do this, but this is the method I got working after exchanging a few emails with the Whole Tomato devs.

The workaround is simple -- either uninstall Visual Assist, or register it properly, so that ViEmu will interact fine with it.

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  -- Jon


Re: viemu stopped working

My answer had been blocked by Akismet (can't tell it not to block the admin...), and meanwhile you found the solution. I'm glad that it's working again, and now you got the explanation above, too.


  -- Jon