Re: hlsearch color?

New hlsearch highlighting feature- cool!

But yellow color- Ick!

Any way to change the color?

Even hacking the Registry would be okay if no UI for this...



Re: hlsearch color?

actually , i like the hlsearch color smile  very sweet indeed

how do you 'turn it off' once you have found what you are looking for


Re: hlsearch color?

It's just among the rest of the configurable VS colors in Tools|Options|Environment|Fonts & Coloring.

You can turn it off using all variations of :set [no|inv]hlsearch[!], and/or map it to a key (:nnoremap \\ :set invhlsearch). I plan to implement the :nohls[earch] command in a future version - in my defense, I didn't even know about it smile