Re: ViEmu - mutli VS environments - VS2003 functionality broken...


Not sure if anyone else experiences this , but -
I have 3 VS environments installed on my dev box - VS2003/5 and 8

I have reinstalled ViEmu - and it does show in all three environments.

VS2005/8 behave just beautifully - i love it

VS2003 - however - doesnt behave well at all -

The intellesense seems to be broken - my return key doesnt actually enter
in debug mode - my command window also doesnt accept an enter key .

I am rarely using 2003 anymore - but there are cases (like now) where I must use it - and I am finding that having VIEmu in there is causing me more grief than not.

also - clicking the check box to turn off ViEmu seems to have no effect.

I am using the latest (2.2.9) version of ViEmu -
I notice the current keyboard scheme is set to ViEmu.vsk

*NOTE* if I go to tools-options-Environment-Keyboard -  I can change it from ViEmu to some other one - which seems to set it back nicely to Windows mode.


Re: ViEmu - mutli VS environments - VS2003 functionality broken...

This is really weird. I have one more VS than you on both of my main systems: VS.NET 2003, VS 2005, VS 2008 and VS 2010 Beta 1. I still use VS.NET 2003 for the main development and building of all the ViEmus and Codekana (yes), so I know for sure it works fine.

Do you have any other 3rd party add-ins installed that could hook only into VS.NET 2003? Can you go to Help|About, click "Copy", and paste the contents back here, or email them to me?

Removing the ViEmu.vsk keyboard scheme should not disable ViEmu, it should only restore Ctrl-F to "Find", etc...