Re: Paste when preparing replace command

Is it possible to paste a text when preparing a replace command? Here is exactly what I want:

1. 'yw' yank/copy a word that will be a replace pattern.
2. select a range of text in visual mode
3. ':'<,'>s/     and now I want to paste the copied word to not retype it manually. the word will be a 'seach pattern' for this replace operation.

the Vim editor allows to do it. but the ViEmu has lack of it as far as I understand.

Am I not right?


Re: Paste when preparing replace command

Yes, you are not right smile

When editing the command line, Ctrl-R followed by a register name (a-z, ", *) "retrieves" the contents of that register and inserts it where you're typing. If you use the " register, it refers to the default register.

This works in the command line both when editing ex commands (:) and searches (/ or ?), and it also works in insert mode.

Apart from this (non-vim feature), only when in the command line, Ctrl-Y yanks the full contents of the command line to the default register.