Re: Last-yanked text

Is it possible to use the following construction 'diw"0P'? Vim permits it. But I couldn't re-use it in ViEmu, nothing was pasted. The construction is from the advice to quickly replace a word with the yanked text.


It seems like yanking when 'diw' is shifting the current latest yank to the register 0 in Vim. Can it be done somehow this way in ViEmu?


Re: Last-yanked text

I think the reason why this not works with ViEmu is that it has no "rolling" registers.
Try this one: "0diwP


Re: Last-yanked text

Boris, LV, indeed, that is the reason. ViEmu has no "rolling" registers behavior. The suggested rewording of the construct works: "0diw deletes to register '0', and P pastes from the default register, achieving the desired behavior. The removed word ends up in the '0' register though, unlike in vim, where it ends up in the default one.

Implementing proper vim-like behavior is on the todo list for ViEmu, and will be there some day.


  -- Jon