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I'm using ViEmu for VS and SQL Server Management Studio.  I also use ReSharper and it provides highlighting for the current line in Visual Studio.  However, it doesn't appear that I can highlight the current line in SSMS.

There is a post (highlight active line) that discusses adding support for highlighting the line that the cursor is on at some point.  The post indicated that this was only supported in vim using scripts but it is possible to accomplish this in the vimrc, at least in the latest versions.

The vimrc settings that I use to do this are:

" Highlight the line the cursor is on
set cursorline
highlight CursorLine guibg=Grey10

The Grey10 works for me because I use a black background to make it easy on my eyes.

These vimrc settings work for me everywhere else except for ViEmu for SSMS which declares that there is an error processing the highlight CursorLine line.  I backed out the viemurc setting so I don't know if it works in VS, where I rely upon ReSharper for this functionality.

It would be handy to have this capability in ViEmu.


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Re: highlight CursorLine

Hello rmegal,

My other product Codekana provides that funcionality for Visual Studio. Indeed, it could be an interesting feature for SQL Server Management Studio's editor. Emulating vim's system would be too hard, thouh, as it is highly configurable and customizable.

On the other hand, extending SQL Server Mgmt Studio is quite difficult -- actually, it's officially not doable. And I would guess SQL Server Mgmt Studio will move to some other architecture in the near future (I'd say a MEF-based editor like VS2010), so investing much work in the current system is not very sensible.

I'm taking note of this and will look into it in the future.


  -- Jon


Re: highlight CursorLine


I would like to add my vote for Vim cursorline and cursorcolumn support in ViEmu in SSMS.

Thank you,