Re: "Ctrl+R %" crash with ViEmu 2.2.8 and VS2005

I recently discovered using "Ctrl+R %" in INSERT mode pastes the current file path in to the current buffer, pretty useful:

Unfortunately trying this command with ViEmu 2.2.8 in VS2008 causes VS to crash sad
Can others reproduce?


Re: "Ctrl+R %" crash with ViEmu 2.2.8 and VS2005


ViEmu doesn not support the "%" register, I'm taking note of this request for a future version of ViEmu.

Anyway, it should just paste the contents of the default register. I've tested it again, and it just does that in both VS.NET 2003 and VS2008 in my installations. There must be some other factor that is causing the crash -- can you test the following, please:

- Try to do "%p to see if just pasting from normal mode causes the crash too
- Post here the type/language of the file you are editing
- Post here the list of other 3rd party add-ins installed (you can go to Help|About, click Copy, and paste here)
- Detail any other unusual factor you can think of

Hopefully, we can trace the source of the crash.

Best regards,



Re: "Ctrl+R %" crash with ViEmu 2.2.8 and VS2005

Wow, thanks for the fast reply Jon!

It looks like I may have jumped the gun a little because surprise, surprise, I am unable to reproduce now neutral

So consider this closed for the moment, I can't think of anything I could have been doing at the time to break it. If I recall correctly I was using the default register with no problems at the time so who knows!


Re: "Ctrl+R %" crash with ViEmu 2.2.8 and VS2005

What is your setting of Tools|ViEmu|Default to Windows clipboard? It will certainly make a difference.

Hmmm... maybe trying to paste after having booted Windows and never copied anything to the clipboard? Or maybe having something in the clipboard that is not text?

All these cases should be covered, but it could give you an idea of the kind of things that can make a difference.

Or do you use some system tool that alters the clipboard's behavior, like Synergy, or Virtual PC / VMWare, or Remote Desktop, or who knows?

If I can repro the problem, it's likely that I can easily, at least, fix the crash.

  - Jon


Re: "Ctrl+R %" crash with ViEmu 2.2.8 and VS2005

Hi Jon, just to confirm I have not had this crash since I first reported it.
Ghost in the machine smile


Re: "Ctrl+R %" crash with ViEmu 2.2.8 and VS2005

Thanks Dave for following up. Just let me know if it ever comes up again.

  -- Jon