Re: noremap and viemurc

Hi all,

Just upgraded to 2.0.24 + VS2005. My old viemurc had a series of map commands like this:

map s l
map l s
map k n
map n k
map j t
map t j

Of course, this caused VS to lock up with the new version because of an infinite loop. I believe vim has the ability to detect this condition. Anyway, changing the "map" statements to "noremap" fixed this. In my .vimrc, however, all I have to do to fix this is to put "set noremap" at the end of my map statements. This did not work with Viemu. Just FYI!


Re: noremap and viemurc

Thanks for the heads up. I will make sure this is fixed in a future version. I apologize for the problems!!


Re: noremap and viemurc

Pfft, no problem! If it weren't for Viemu, I wouldn't be able to use VS at all. big_smile